Natural Hair Restoration and Regrowth

New Dimensions has been Arizona's Favorite Extension and Regrowth center for over 2 decades! 30 plus years ago I started a Regrowth program for cancer and tric patients which is why I created "hairdoctk," and I never knew how many people needed help .......
I welcome everyone to make an appointment so I can give you my personal private attention and I will show you how I beat cancer and hair loss!!!

New Dimension Hair Extensions by HairDocTK has been Arizona's favorite extension and regrowth center for more than two decades. As a hair loss sufferer myself, it has been my goal to provide a regrowth program for cancer and trichotillomania patients that gives hope to this special group of clients. I welcome everyone to make an appointment to walk you through my process of beating hair loss.

Natural Hair Restoration and Regrowth

I also provide wig and toupee maintenance services, utilizing non-toxic, non-metallic and ammonia free coloring products.

Hair Lash Makeup Services
Hair, Wig, & Toupe Maintenance Utilizing non- toxic, non-metallic, ammonia free coloring products, precision cutting ,natural color blending and low Maintenance Hair Extensions Systems with no styling limitations For Your Health

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Organic Body Chemistry Balancing for Proper Hair Health

Assisting in stabilizing a standard PH, state , through the removal of using environmental , hereditary, and dietary toxins, using homeopathy. alternatives and holistic hair lash beauty care formulas.

As a cancer survivor, I've worked to improve my own hair health by balancing my body's pH levels through the removal of environmental and dietary toxins. This step can be key in achieving your best hair health possible. Consultations are available to speak about my line of wholly organic products designed to help your hair reach its healthiest potential.

For Your Long Term Hair Health Care

Infrared Light and Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy
For the treatment of Autoimmune Disorders such as Alopecia Areatia, Lupus, Cancer, MS, Chyrons, as well as Impulse Control Disorders such as Trichotillomania and many many more.If you are battling hair loss for any reason, the use of infrared light therapy to stimulate hair growth can be key. This incredible technology, referred to as low-level laser therapy, delivers powerful yet gentle beams of infrared light to your scalp to provide healthier scalp conditions and encourage natural hair growth, along with improving the condition of existing hair. Combined with specialized, gentle hair products and nutritional counseling, I've been able to help my clients achieve successful hair regrowth. Whether it's a hereditary condition or you're suffering from hair loss from alopecia, lupus, cancer, multiple sclerosis, trichotillomania or other conditions, I'm able to offer help and hope in the comfort of my discreet, private hair solutions studio.

HairdocTk's hair solution studio salon has been helping men and women combat hair loss for the past 5 years,through my specialized programs that combine low-level laser technology with patented formula hair products and nutritional. Most of my  women clientele  have experienced successful hair regrowth .

I use a highly advanced hair regrowth treatment to combat hair loss that will also be useful while wearing the extensions in the telegon phase of hair regrowth.

Hair Restoration Training

I am here to make YOU LOOK and FEEL fantastic using state of the art techniques. I can even help you grow your hair back with proper nutrition, diet, and science, so that one day you might no longer want or desire hair replacement extensions or restoration or even need nor want to continue using eyelash extensions.

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