Trichotillomania. What are you doing about?

I am a certified and licensed hair restoration advocate and master hair Extensionist, after more than 30 years, I assure that my clients extensions and color services are therapeutic ,natural ,and effective. I have 2 mottos - Regrow, Renew, Retrain and Recreating Lives One Strand At a Time. I am a Natural Hair Restoration Expert, Master Hair Extensionist & Trainer and Organic Corrections Specialist . My training focus is in advanced natural hair replacement /extensions techniques ,hair regrowth ,and health and nutrition. My specialty is in repairing extensions not installed properly ,color corrective services with a specialty in blonde color corrections , regrowing hair that has been chemically damaged from overuse of hi-lighting ,tools,mechanical misuse ,and unnatural hair loss, trichotillomania (OCD Disorders) and thinning hair due to Autoimmune Disease . HairDocTK helps people become whole from the inside out with my diverse past knowledge and real life experiences
So I created for online support and for local support go here.

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