Choosing A Good Scottsdale Hair Extension Repair Salon

Choosing A Good Scottsdale Hair Extension Repair Salon - Sources of Loss of hair In Ladies While some of the sources of loss of hair can be the same as in men, such as alopecia (in all 3 ranges), there are also specific reasons that are rather gender-specific. The most typical causes, both general as…
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Cancer Survivor Help

New Dimension Extensions Salon llc, has been Arizona's Favorite Extension and Regrowth center for over 2 decades ! 30 plus years ago started a Regrowth program for cancer and tric patients which is why i created "hairdoctk " and I never knew how many people needed help .......I welcome everyone to make an appointment so…
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Trichology & Extensions Training

TRICHOLOGY, the study of hair issues by treating, analyzing, diagnosing, using a periscope to evaluate the depth and causes for hair loss issues A certified and licensed hair restoration advocate and master hair Extensionist, after more than 30 years, (Hairdoc TK) ensures her clients extensions and color services are therapeutic, natural, and effective. (TK) has…
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