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I have had short, SHORT hair forever. I am Greek so my hair is super curly and frizzy and I have always wanted to have straight shiny hair. I was referred to a posh salon to get a Brazilian blowout. Since that harsh chemical service I have been trying to grow out my hair for three years as it's not growing past my collar bone.
My friend Barrett sent me to HairdocTK, and I am so impressed with how natural my new hair looks and feels! I never imagined I could get extensions that look like this, and now after five years my hair is almost 18 inches long naturally. Soon I won't need them for length, but I'll always have them for thickness.

Thank you, HairDoc TK and New Dimension Extensions!
Kim Catergn - Owner of Matt's Big Breakfast


I am a musician and I have great thick hair as it is. However, as the lead singer in an Ozzy Cover Tribute Band, I need bright red sections of hair to get the look I'm going for. I only trust HairDoc TK with my locks. I can't even describe how amazing it is to get this look with very minimal color thanks to TK's extensions. Thank you, HairDoc TK!

Kevin Schumaker, lead singer for Ozzy Osborn tribute band "I Don't Know"
and Hollywood producer of many feature films.


My hair has never been so healthy! I have been to all of the poshest salons in Scottsdale but none have done what TK can do. We've worked to get the proper density back to my hair after it was damaged by another salon and I can actually feel, see and measure the amazing results. I've been a client of TK's for five years now, with her holistic approach to hair restoration and use of organic products I'll never leave. Thanks, TK!

Certified Training Instructor





I can NOT say enough about TK and her salon newdimensionextensions i LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair and all the holistic approaches. We met at the gym where TK was teaching spin class she truly lives ans breathes hair health ,everythig she does in her personal life is with a natural holistic approach even with her pets . i love the entire mantra she facilitates  to clients, consumers, pets, and her self ... MY entire circle comes to TK

thank you HairDoc

Diane LNP Mrs  Fitness Arizona 


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