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Hair Extensions Repair

As a 30 PLUS year veteran in the Beauty, Entertainment, and Medical industries, I've personally worn every Hair Extension Method available to be able to dedicate myself in providing the very BEST Hair Extensions, Color Services, and Advanced Hair Re-Education in ALL Hair Extension Systems. Lately it seems like everyone is offering hair extensions regardless of their certifications or experience. Do your research, what you need is a HAIRDOC!!! I fix many extension mishaps, as well as; re-educate first timers, models, musicians, stylists, salon owners, beauty schools and medical professionals.


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My entire core belief is based on 2 "mottos" ,Great.Hair.Health , and Renew.Regrow.Retrain. Some salons use products that contain highly toxic chemicals, metallic dyes, ammonia, and odorless gases. The use of such toxic products can effect your hair health, your physcial health and the stylist. I use only the best methods of 100% green, Eco-friendly and paraben-free products. Safe for medical clients, pregnant mothers, and cancer survivors like myself. What We are what we put into our bodies!I also am a Private one on one studio salon for your personalized attention.

Best Hair Extensions

My PRIVATE by appt. only, Hair Extension Cosmetology Salon, offers not only the best high quality  services, products, and Advanced training  in the market, but I also fix,repair,restore, correct,regrow,  improper Hair Extensions ruined by any reason,thus is why they call me, the HairDoc TK NHHR Renew.Regrow.Retrain.


Discover the secret to great hair extensions and jump-start your hair business TODAY with any my most comprehensive training classes. Adding hair extension services within your salon is like adding another income-producing stylist without an additional chair. Plus, you automatically elevate the reputation of your salon by offering sophisticated services to draw in a wider and more discerning clientele. Learn from a real life Extensions Master

Desire LONGER thicker fuller hair?

Simply want Longer Thicker Fuller Hair??

Tired of wasting money on inferior hair extensions?? Want someone to FIX your hair extensions ? Are you a BLONDE tired of seeing GOLD? Are you wanting to use extensions as dimensions with lowlights and hilites? You have tried ALL the REST, now go to the BEST!!!

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